The Passionate Survivor | Baba Sehgal | TEDxTheNorthCapUniversity

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The Passionate Survivor | Baba Sehgal | TEDxTheNorthCapUniversity

Baba Sehgal is the man who started a new pop revolution in India. The man who actually boosted the independent music culture. The one who believed in himself, followed his path of passion, created his own inimitable style, a die hard Kishore Kumar fan who became a household name after the super magical success of his first commercial album THANDA THANDA PANI followed by Main Bhi Madonna, Manjula, Aja Meri Gadi mein Baith ja, the one who continued his singing passion in this digital era with his viral hits like GOING TO THE GYM, CHICKEN FRIED RICE, RIHANNA O RIHANNA, DIL KO NA PEETO & many more. "What my art says - Do you what your heart says. Your uniqueness is what makes you, believe in yourself and follow the directions where your life takes you" says Baba Sehgal: THE PASSIONATE RAPPER. Learn more at

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