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Sir Modi's decision to completely destroy the black money culture in India has received both positive & negative feedback from the people, by the people & of the people ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜. 500 & 1000 rupee notes can easily be converted into tissue papers or if you've been doing white transactions throughout your life, the same can be deposited in the bank. This is a historic decision and to salute the same, we've created this masterpiece called 'BLACK MONEY' Lyrics: Wake Up Guys Now No More Lies ๐Ÿ˜Š Aur Khelo Aur Khelo Gilli Aur Danda, Anda Poochey Murgi Sey Kya Hai Black Ka Funda Mujhe Pata Hai Pata Hai Yeh Sab Honey Waala Hai Koi Laal Peela Neela Gora Aur Kaala Hai Har Ek Laila Ke Liye Hee Uska Majnu Piya Hai Modi Ji Ne Kaisa Dynamite Decision Liya Hai Koi Bhaag Bhaag Idhar Bhaag Udhar Bhaag Bhaag Koi Jaag-Jaag Raat Mein Jaag Din Mein Jaag Jaag 500 1000 Ke Note Tu Jaldi Badal Ley Aur Chup Chaap -2 Patli Gali Se Nikal Ley Oye Biwi Chali Kahan Teri Aise Ban Than Arey Cupboard Se Nikaal Paisa Joh Hai Kaala Dhan Bank Mein Jama Karwa Dey Paisa Paisa Nahi Toh Income Tax Bolegi Aisa Waisa Sales Tax Service Tax Income Tax Toll Tax Bhai Tax Hafta Tax Uff Tax Tax Biwi Ko Phone Le Do Bachhon Ko Game Le Do Maa Ko Market Mein Le Jaakar Soney Ki Chain Le Do Holiday Pe Jaana Hai Toh Apney Liye Mem Le Do Samazh Gaye Na Bas Kya Tension Bhool Jaogey Jhoola Jhul Jaogey Bank Mein Dalogey Paisa Cool Cool Ho Jaogey Baat Meri Maan Le Tambaku Wala Paan Le Kyun Leta Hai Itna Panga Daal Sabzi Naan Le, Credit Card Toh Plastic Hai, Kachhey Mein Elastic Hai Modi Ka Decision Iss Baar Bombastic Hai Dhai Lakh Ke Uppar Tere Paas Cash Hai Teri Life Omg Totally Crash Hai Kaala Kaala Kaala Kaala Black Money For hello tunes sms BM to 52040

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